Selected Print Stories

“Endings” in EVENT Issue 48.1 (May 2019)

"One Weird Trick" in THIS Magazine (September 2018)

"Colleen" in Grain Magazine (April 2017)

"The Shuck" in Those Who Make Us (Exile Editions, November 2016) - Anthology Finalist for Shirley Jackson Award

"Pelican" in PRISM International Issue 54.3 (March 2016) - Finalist for National Magazine Award in Fiction

"Red Phone" in Little Brother #5 (October 2014) - Finalist for National Magazine Award in Fiction

"One Hundred Michael Jordans" in BULL (October 2013)

 "Crows Eat Well" in The New Quarterly #126 (May 2013)

"Kingston Road" in EVENT Issue 41.3 (February 2013)

"Towers" in Border Crossing: Issue #2 (November 2012)

"Thaw" in Grain:  - Vol 40. Issue #1 (October 2012)

"Mutations" in Joyland Retro Vol. 1 Issue #2: (June 2012)

"Stray Dogs" in Riddle Fence: Issue #10 (November 2011)

Selected Online Stories

“I Had Three Daughters” on New South ( January 2019)

"GOAT" on Joyland Magazine ( August 2018)

"Asbestos Gardens" on Cosmonaut Ave. (April 2016)

"The Sad Square Hands of Molly Jar" on Vol. 1 Brooklyn (March 2016)

"Simcoe Furriers" on Little Fiction (March 2016)

"Salt Circles" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies (February 2016)

"Griever" on Hazlitt (October 2015)

"Conversion" in Midnight Breakfast #10 (May 2015)

"Chasing Lights" on Hazlitt (/w Naben Ruthnum) (April 2015)

"Nights in the Tractorbeam" in Numéro Cinq (October 2014)

"Good King" in Drunken Boat: Issue #17 (June 2013)

"Cloud" on Necessary Fiction (July 2012) 

"Mutations" on Joyland Magazine (August 2011)

Selected Reviews

"Home Movies:  John Darnielle's Universal Harvester" - The Globe and Mail (February 2017)

 "Pyrotechnics in search of a plot" - The National Post (October 2015)

 "The body count creep" - The National Post (June 2015)

"Keep your arms and legs inside the story at all times" - The National Post (June 2015)

 "Matt Bell's elemental fiction" - The Globe and Mail  (July 2013)

Andrew F. Sullivan, 2019