Selected Print Stories

"One Weird Trick" in THIS Magazine (September 2018)

"Colleen" in Grain Magazine (April 2017)

"The Shuck" in Those Who Make Us (Exile Editions, November 2016) - Anthology Finalist for Shirley Jackson Award

"Pelican" in PRISM International Issue 54.3 (March 2016) - Finalist for National Magazine Award in Fiction

"Red Phone" in Little Brother #5 (October 2014) - Finalist for National Magazine Award in Fiction

"One Hundred Michael Jordans" in BULL (October 2013)

 "Crows Eat Well" in The New Quarterly #126 (May 2013)

"Kingston Road" in EVENT Issue 41.3 (February 2013)

"Towers" in Border Crossing: Issue #2 (November 2012)

"Thaw" in Grain:  - Vol 40. Issue #1 (October 2012)

"Mutations" in Joyland Retro Vol. 1 Issue #2: (June 2012)

"Stray Dogs" in Riddle Fence: Issue #10 (November 2011)

Selected Online Stories

“Dead Rider” on Midnight Breakfast (forthcoming, Spring 2019)

"GOAT" on Joyland Magazine ( August 2018)

"Asbestos Gardens" on Cosmonaut Ave. (April 2016)

"The Sad Square Hands of Molly Jar" on Vol. 1 Brooklyn (March 2016)

"Simcoe Furriers" on Little Fiction (March 2016)

"Salt Circles" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies (February 2016)

"Griever" on Hazlitt (October 2015)

"Conversion" in Midnight Breakfast #10 (May 2015)

"Chasing Lights" on Hazlitt (/w Naben Ruthnum) (April 2015)

"Nights in the Tractorbeam" in Numéro Cinq (October 2014)

"Good King" in Drunken Boat: Issue #17 (June 2013)

"Cloud" on Necessary Fiction (July 2012) 

"Mutations" on Joyland Magazine (August 2011)

Selected Reviews

"Home Movies:  John Darnielle's Universal Harvester" - The Globe and Mail (February 2017)

 "Pyrotechnics in search of a plot" - The National Post (October 2015)

 "The body count creep" - The National Post (June 2015)

"Keep your arms and legs inside the story at all times" - The National Post (June 2015)

 "Matt Bell's elemental fiction" - The Globe and Mail  (July 2013)

Andrew F. Sullivan, 2018